Phone Clip Ring

US$ $350

Cell Phone Ring Holder, 3 in 1 Universal Phone Ring Stand Car Holder, Finger Grip Phone Holder and Tablet Stand Car Vent Phone Mount.

Double ring buckle design makes the phone installed on the car vents steady,as to easily view map navigation or charge your phone, can attach the Phone Ring Stand to any smartphones and tablets with a flat and non-textured rear surface.

This cell phone finger ring stand lets you rotate your unit 360 degrees and swivel 180 degrees for customer usability. Phone ring holder is a perfect solution to place your mobile phone anywhere you want, to watch videos, listen to music, make a video call.

Sturdy Sticker: Using top tier sticky 3M pressure sensitive adhesive, enhancing the adsorption force, prevent your device from accidental drops, slips. while without any remains once you want to take if off from your phone.

All cell phone ring holders sold by us have been 100% QC tested.

Purchases require Visa Debit or Visa Credit Card. No cheque or direct deposit option available.